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made me hard

Great body horror, made me squirm

Holy shit! Can't say I was expecting any of that lol

I can't seem to get the game to load, it's just a black screen for me.


Had to enable cookies and it worked, if anyone else had this issue

omg this was so effective, I kept squirming and looking away like I thought something was gonna jump out of the screen AAAAAA

you're a great storyteller, hope to see more from you! 

Interactive Fiction with a content warning for menstruation related topics. I really like how this particular genre can set up stories and that certainly was an interesting one. It is relatively simple and short, but the writing is on point and the inspiration for the story is intriguing as menstruation is still considered as a bit of a taboo topic in many places. I do recommend playing through both options (10 minutes) if you dont mind the topic at hand.

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this was horrifying-- in a good way. this was extremely well written! it grossed me out cause i didn't read the description and i was like WHATs GOING ONG!?!??! but this is super well made! good horror :)


I love how my brain is like play this its fun and I remember that I am on my period 


im transmasc so for me the body horror started at "you put in a tampon". amazing writing, you've captured how i feel about having a period really well

Really enjoyed this, thankyou! :3

wow, I  really like your story telling. I will admit I was a bit confused but I'm excited to see more of your story telling!

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ugh, i hate how accurate this describes how i feel about my period xD great job!

this is incredible!! I could really picture what was happening in my head! great work <3


Just played it - I'm a cishet guy, and I am UTTERLY horrified, keep writing, please!


Yo what the fuck, this 'game' only had two options, each one leading to the end.  This is just a one choice choose-your-own-adventure game.


yep, im new to this thanks for checking it out

Please add more, with your style of writing I'm sure this could be much better with more than a single fork in the story.


This comment is like being handed a perfectly good slice of cake (for free!) and complaining it doesn't have enough USB ports. Games are a diverse medium, it's not just about  the number of choices??


oh, this is exactly how i feel about my period



like not excellent the feeling but im glad it came across


i cannot begin to explain the way this made me feel holy shit its brilliant



thank you so much! thank you for playing!


This was interesting! I was looking at it to see what it was about, and I liked it. Well, I don't know if "like" is the word, but it made me feel. So that's good


thank you for playing! im glad it made you feel !